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June 8, 2011 / Sheila Dougherty

I don’t go in for that hippie crap…

Not because I don’t believe in most flaming-liberal causes (I do, fervently). It’s mostly the dirt and the excessive hair on men and the clothes I can’t get down with.

However, on Sunday, fresh as a daisy and in clean clothes, I will be attending the We Will Not Be Shushed 24 hour Read In at The Brooklyn Public Library’s main branch at Grand Army Plaza. Libraries have taken a beating in the U.K., and NYC’s public library budget is set to be slashed by 27%. 

The library is important, even if you’re all into your Nook or Kindle or whatever — some libraries are enabled to lend books digitally. They can’t do that, though, if they’re hobbled by drastic budget cuts.  It’s a true community service.

So, if you’re around, you should go. You have to sign up for a four-hour  15 -minute reading shift. As protests go, sitting on your ass and reading for a spell is a pretty low-effort way to make a statement. Maybe see you there?



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  1. Lauren Hunter Comito / Jun 8 2011 2:45 pm

    Thanks for posting our event! The reading slots are only 15 minutes. We just ask you to give us a range of times so we can accomodate people more easily.

    • Sheila Dougherty / Jun 8 2011 3:20 pm

      Hi, Lauren, thanks for letting me know! I corrected the info (though I’d be more than happy to sit around for four hours and read in front of the library). Looking forward to it, and I hope the turnout is great.


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